The IFAC World Congress, which takes place every three years, is the flagship conference of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), the international umbrella organization for all national organizations of control professionals in the fields of Mechanical, Process, and Chemical Engineering. Since the World Congress is the most important and biggest event of IFAC, it provides a perfect opportunity for the FrontSeat team to keep in touch with the newest developments in their professional fields, and to present FrontSeat as a seed for future consortia in the field of automatic control. This year, the 22nd IFAC World Congress took place in Yokohama, Japan.

In the framework of the project FrontSeat, plenty of various activities were realized at the IFAC World Congress 2023 organized on 9 – 14 July 2023 in Yokohama, Japan.

GA meeting of the Project FrontSeat together with the Advisory Board:

Regular GA meeting, this time together with members of the advisory board. We discussed possibilities for EU projects, the state of recent deliverables and milestones, exchanges in the next year, and exchanges of pedagogical materials. We started preparations for the next project meeting in Pisa.

Members of the General Assembly:
– Prof. Miroslav Fikar, STUBA
– Prof. Martin Mönnigmann, RUB
– Prof. Gabriele Pannocchia, UNIPI

Members of the Advisory Board:
– Prof. Sorin Olaru, Paris Saclay, France
– Prof. Morten Hovd, NTNU Trondheim, Norway
– Dr. Viera Pechancová, UTB Zlin, Czech Republic (excused)


We are proud to announce that Prof. Miroslav Fikar and Assoc. Prof. Martin Klaučo (STUBA) have successfully applied to organize the IFAC Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems (DYCOPS) 2025 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The other candidate countries were Spain (Barcelona) and the Republic of South Africa (Stellenbosch). The IFAC Symposium on DYCOPS is a specialized conference providing an opportunity to both keep up with the current developments in the field and to present state-of-the-art achieved in FrontSeat to specialists from all over the world.

IFAC General Assembly

At the IFAC World Congress, Prof. Miroslav Fikar (STUBA) participated at the IFAC GA meeting representing Slovakia.

Technical Committee 2.4 on Optimal Control

Prof. Gabriele Pannocchia (UNIPI) was nominated as the Chair of the TC 2.4 (Optimal Control) for the Triennium 2023-2026.

Presentations of the scientific results

We were happy to present and share the results of our scientific research to a worldwide audience. The members of the FrontSeat consortium presented 10 research papers. All the papers are available at ZENODO. By clicking on the title of the lecture, the video lecture is opened.

Prof. Miroslav Fikar (STUBA) presented the paper:
Miroslav Fikar – Karol Kiš – Martin Klaučo – Martin Mönnigmann: Simple Tuning of Arbitrary Controllers Using Governors

Prof. Gabriele Pannocchia (UNIPI) presented the paper:
Marco Vaccari – Davide Manzoni – Marco Locatelli – Silvio Rudi Stella – Maurizio Lenzi – Gabriele Pannocchia: Data-Driven Models for a Salt Production Process towards an Industry 4.0 Evolution

Dr. Riccardo Bacci di Capaci (UNIPI) presented the paper:
Marco Vaccari – Riccardo Bacci di Capaci – Alberto Busoni – Gabriele Pannocchia: Easy-To-Use MPC Tool for Controlling Chemical Processes in a Rigorous Simulation Environment

Assoc. Prof. Martin Gulan (STUBA) presented the papers:
Peter Minarčík – Hynek Prochazka – Martin Gulan: An Experimental Platform for Monitoring, Identification, and Control of HVAC Processes
Gergely Takács – Erik Mikuláš – Martin Gulan – Anna Vargová – Jan Boldocky: AutomationShield: An Open-Source Hardware and Software Initiative for Control Engineering Education
Anna Vargová – Jan Boldocky – Martin Gulan – Peter Tibenský – Erik Mikuláš – Gergely Takács: AeroShield: An Open-Source Propeller-Driven Pendulum Device for Control Engineering Education

Tereza Ábelová (STUBA) presented the paper:
Tereza Ábelová – Roman Kohút – Kristína Fedorová – Michal Kvasnica: Risk-Aware Stochastic Energy Management of Microgrid with Battery Storage and Renewables

Erika Pavlovičová (STUBA) presented the paper:
Juraj Oravec – Peter Bakaráč – Erika Pavlovičová – Miroslav Fikar: Smart Eco Greenhouse VESNA

Martin Mojto (STUBA) presented the paper:
Martin Mojto – Karol Ľubušký – Miroslav Fikar – Radoslav Paulen: Design of Multi-Model Linear Inferential Sensors with SVM-based Switching Logic

Jens Müller (RUB) presented online the paper:
Jens Müller – Sebastian Leonow – Martin Mönnigmann: Optimal Stator Adjustment with Minimal Sensor Requirements for Variable Stator Progressing Cavity Pumps

Chairs and Co-Chairs of the sessions

We are proud that the members of the project FrontSeat consortium were also the Chairs and Co-Chairs of various sessions:
Prof. Martin Mönnigmann (RUB) was the Chair of the open invited session: Model Reduction for Modeling, Analysis and Control – Methods and Applications; and he was also the Co-Chair of the regular session: Predictive Control II.
Prof. Gabriele Pannocchia (UNIPI) was the Co-Chair of the regular session: Model Predictive and Optimization-Based Control I.
Dr. Peter Bakaráč (STUBA) was the Chair of the regular session: Control Education Using Laboratory Equipment.

FrontSeat visual identity

At the IFAC World Congress, also the visual identity of the project FrontSeat was significantly promoted at the delivered talks and at the interactive session. Moreover, the attendees of the IFAC World Congress were invited to the FrontSeat SummerSchool on Embedded Optimal Control at the end of the given talks, at the in-person discussions at the interactive session, as well as by means of the special flyers distributed at the conference.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon under grant no. 101079342 (Fostering Opportunities Towards Slovak Excellence in Advanced Control for Smart Industries).


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