This page summarizes the deliverables of the project FrontSeat:

WP No Work Package name Start
WP1 Capacities Building in Research Management 1 31 D1.1– Report on assessment and training plan
D1.2 – Project design and management toolbox
D1.3 – Training material: used in webinars
D1.4 – Report on monitoring and evaluation activities
WP2 Promoting Excellence in Automatic Control Research 1 33 D2.1 – Report on research audit and research-intensification activities
D2.2 – Report on the software-development activities
D2.3 – Report on short- and long-term scientific exchanges
WP3 Promoting Visibility through Strategic Networking 3 36 D3.1 – Schedule of planned participation at international conferences and of guest lectures
D3.2 – Report on the 1st and 2nd summer schools and on “Academia meets industry” seminar series
D3.3 – Report on initiation of academic-industrial research and innovation cluster
D3.4 – Report on organised invited conference sessions, scientific guest-lecture series, pedagogical lectures and third summer school
WP4 Initiating a new PhD programme 3 24 D4.1 – Preliminary document presenting new PhD curriculum at STUBA
D4.2 – Training material documenting job shadowing and webinars
D4.3 – Document presenting new
PhD curriculum at STUBA and its implementation
WP5 Project Management and DEC Activities 1 36 D5.1 – DEC (Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication) plan
D5.2 – Project website and social media
D5.3 – Data management plan
D5.4 – Progress report
D5.5 – Data management plan update
D5.6 – DEC (Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication) plan update
D5.7 – Data management plan final
D5.8 – DEC (Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication) plan final