Date: 11-15 September 2023
Location: STU in Bratislava, Slovakia
Registration deadline: 30th of June 2023 (no registration fee, limited seats)
Download: poster

Key Speakers:

  • Michal Kvasnica
    • Profesor at STU in Bratislava.
    • Recognized expert in the field of predictive control.
  • Gergely Takács
    • Senior research engineer at Garret Motion.
    • Recognized expert in the field of real-time embedded control.
  • Martin Klaučo
    • Deputy of Institute of Information Engineering, Automation, and Mathematics (UIAM) for research at STU in Bratislava.
    • Recognized expert in the field of AI.
  • Martin Ždímal
    • Lecturer of English/Slovak languages with 18-year experience.
    • Trainer of soft/hard skills.

Scope: The aim of this 5-day course is to give both theoretical background and hands-on knowledge with advanced methods and tools for embedded optimal control. The course will cover selected state-of-the-art approaches to the formulation and practical solution of optimal control problems, including real-time model predictive control design as well as its data-driven near-optimal alternative using machine learning, with a focus on their implementability on embedded computing hardware. All lecture topics will be accompanied by intensive computer exercises. The second part of the course will introduce the participants to a family of microcontroller-based pocket laboratories integrating various control experiments. Participants will then start to work on a self-chosen application problem by selecting a particular hardware platform and one of the control algorithms presented earlier. Towards the end of the course, they will present the obtained results. Needless to say, a lecture focused on presentation skills will also be part of the course.