International Safe Process Symposium 2024 in Ferrara, Italy: A Convergence of Industry Experts and Academic Visionaries

The Safe Process Conference, or more specifically, the 12th IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes, is organized every three years with the main aim of gathering experts from academia and industry. Hosted this year in the historic city of Ferrara, Italy, the symposium aims to foster an environment ripe for discussion, networking, and the cultivation of future partnerships. The conference’s agenda for this year aimed to cover a spectrum of critical issues facing today’s industries, including breakthroughs in energy solutions, advancements in cybersecurity measures, innovations in water systems management, and the future of autonomous vehicle technologies.  The conference also welcomes young researchers from all around the world in order to offer them space to promote new research ideas.

Martin Kalúz and Diana Dzurková in front of the conference venue

As part of the FrontSeat project, we had the opportunity to engage with peers, present our latest research, and explore potential collaborations for future projects, and much more. One such young researcher this year was our PhD student Diana Dzurková, who presented on her researcher group’s current topic, which focuses on “Privacy Preserving Approximated Optimal Control of Pasteurization Unit Using Homomorphic Encryption”.

Diana Dzurková presented the paper: Diana Dzurková – Olivér Mészáros – Martin Kalúz: Privacy Preserving Approximated Optimal Control of Pasteurization Unit Using Homomorphic Encryption
Text: Diana Dzurková, Foto: Martin Kalúz

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon under grant no. 101079342 (Fostering Opportunities Towards Slovak Excellence in Advanced Control for Smart Industries).


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