On Monday, the 18th, and Tuesday, the 19th of March, Raphael Dyrska from RUB visited the UIAM group at STUBA in Bratislava to work on a joint scientific paper.

The research stay was primarily dedicated to work on reviewer comments for a joint publication between Raphael Dyrska, Sebastian Leonow, Prof. Martin Mönnigmann from RUB, and Prof. Miroslav Fikar from STUBA that has been accepted for presentation at the prestigious ADCHEM conference in Toronto, Canada later this year. This achievement stands as a valuable contribution of research cooperation between both research groups and underscores the importance of international cooperation toward excellent research results.

Beyond the immediate task of addressing reviewer comments, Raphael’s visit provided a valuable opportunity for the exchange of research ideas and the exploration of future research avenues. Recognizing the mutual benefits of continued collaboration, plans were laid out for joint endeavors that promise to yield excellent scientific results. Both research groups, with a shared history of collaboration, seized this chance to brainstorm and strategize on potential research projects that could further deepen the scientific cooperation.

The visit from RUB served as a reaffirmation of the power of research cooperation in driving innovation and advancing scientific knowledge. With their sights set on the ADCHEM conference and beyond, the partnership between RUB and STUBA stands poised to leave an indelible mark in the field of designing optimal process control methods.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon under grant no. 101079342 (Fostering Opportunities Towards Slovak Excellence in Advanced Control for Smart Industries).


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